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Welcome to Rocket Donkey Diner/Meatwagon BBQ.

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The Rocket Donkey Diner food trailer is owned by local celebrity, artist, author, and journalist Lisa Swickard. We aim to get this area some of the best food, BBQ and burgers in the area. We first met in the early 80's as colleagues at The Advertiser-Tribune. I was a photographer and she was a writer, together we covered the greater SENECA COUNTY area for the newspaper. As my career took off, I ventured off to New England to work at various newspapers.

We parted ways for several years. I came back to The Toledo Blade about 1987, and we then later worked on her book Decommissioned together, I did the photo editing and layout of her amazing book. A few years later she edited the words in my award-winning book, BBQ Culture in America. We're back together again, collaborating, creating. Now we are cooking up some of the best food around out of Lisa's Rocket Donkey Diner in conjunction with my Meatwagon BBQ. We are based out of the Copper Mare Ranch in Fort Seneca, Ohio.

If you have any events you would like us to come set up for the day, employers lunches for employees. We are getting our feet wet, figuring out the system, and getting more efficient. You can go to the Contact section and drop us a line to get in touch with us. We can also do bulk BBQ for you if needed, for lunches, parties and any event.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and soon on Twitter. Our new website has a calendar section, where you can see our events and click, to get event details and get a map and directions to where we are set up for the day. We hope to see you soon.

- Allan Detrich, Pitmaster Meatwagon BBQ

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